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Project GATE Program Decisions

Project GATE program decisions will soon arrive in your mailbox. Parent letters were mailed home on Friday, June 5. Thank you for your patience as we reviewed data and made placement decisions. For help reading the CogAT report and/or to complete an appeal application for a Project GATE or advanced class, visit the district's website. (

Parent appeal applications are due no later than Monday, June 22. All appeals should be submitted to Dr. Kim Nasshan at the district's administration building.

Have a great summer!

Summer Break!

School may be out for the summer, but there are many ways to practice thinking skills in June, July, and August! Here are my suggestions for encouraging higher-level thinking skills over the summer months...

  • Strategy games such as Blokus, Cat and Mouse, Qwirkle, and CrossWise -- fun for the whole family!
  • PUZZLES provide excellent opportunities to practice visual/spatial thinking.
  • Take a class at Worlds of Wisdom or the Center for Talent Development (see link on the sidebar). There is something for EVERYONE!
  • Look for STEM classes for even our youngest students. I highly recommend taking a course in science, technology, engineering, or math.
  • Check out the Hoagies and IAGC websites (see links on the sidebar). There are links to games, websites, books, and more.
  • I highly recommend the Scholastic website (see link on the sidebar). I like the Daily News for Kids section, as well as the interactive books, games, and blogs.
  • And, of course, READ READ READ!

Have a great summer! Second graders -- I will miss you. Kindergarten and first graders -- I will see you in the fall!

Welcome to Grade Two Project GATE!

Project GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) classes provide a differentiated, academically appropriate learning environment where high-ability children can maximize their potential in reading and mathematics. Project GATE curriculum includes reading and math instruction as well as thinking skills curricular studies, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Global awareness
  • Work habits
  • Social and emotional skills

Please contact me for more information about second grade GATE reading and GATE math classes, as well as enrichment opportunities for kindergarten and first grade students.

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