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Welcome to Grade Two Project GATE!

Project GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) classes provide a differentiated, academically appropriate learning environment where high-ability children can maximize their potential in reading and mathematics. Project GATE curriculum includes reading and math instruction as well as gifted curriculum, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Global awareness
  • Work habits
  • Social and emotional skills

Please contact me for more information about second grade GATE reading and GATE math classes, as well as enrichment opportunities for kindergarten and first grade students.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Friday and Halloween! I hope you enjoy a fun evening trick-or-treating! It was fun to see many of you at school today.

In both reading and math Project GATE classes, we are working to complete learning standards and corresponding assessments for trimester one. In particular (reading), we covered irregular plural nouns and reflexive pronouns. We also discussed a third Junior Great Books folktale, Anancy and Dog and Puss and Friendship. I used the story to review important literature standards for trimester one, as well as incorporate GATE thinking skills.

In GATE reading, students took their final spelling test on units four and six. We will take a one-week break from spelling (next week) and kick off new units the week of November 10.

GATE math unit five instruction covers geometry concepts and skills. We are covering most lessons in this unit, as the majority of children did not have complete prior knowledge of geometry skills. I do teach the concepts quickly, though, and provide enrichment opportunities with each lesson.

Don't forget to check Gradebook periodically. I add student assessments soon after I administer them. Your child's reading and/or math grades are entered!

Have a great weekend. :)

Happy Friday!

Project GATE Math:

  • We completed unit four instruction and enrichment this week. I covered ballpark estimates and helpful strategies for two and three-digit addition. Students enjoyed solving Math Path Puzzles, which gave them added operational practice (add, subtract, multiply, and divide). We also played a multiplication game called Products. This was a great thinking challenge. I gave multiplication charts to those who have not yet memorized multiplication facts. It was helpful, but please practice facts at home.
  • Students took their unit five pretest this week, too. Unit five covers geometry concepts, and, unlike other units covered in second grade, most GATE students need introduction to geometry skills. We'll do some enrichment in the unit as well. Unit five begins on Monday.
  • We prepare for the Continental Math League competition each week. You should see your child's problem of the day page come home. I'm teaching and reviewing problem-solving strategies, such as guess and check, draw pictures, make a table or list, choose and operation, and find patterns. Eventually, students will receive problems and choose their own strategy to solve each one.

Have a great weekend!

Project GATE Reading:

  • We covered important information literacy skills this week, including nonfiction text features, using context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words, and using photographs and diagrams to learn additional information. I gave the students a QR code scavenger hunt, where they identified features within various nonfiction texts. This was a blast! Students took their final assessment on locating nonfiction text features.
  • I hear the WordMasters Challenge is gaining momentum! Students are excited about the words. They should know meanings of all 25 words now, and the next step is to analyze relationships between them. I posted some helpful analogy videos on my blog earlier this week. I hope you take time to watch and discuss them together.
  • We focused on irregular plural nouns this week as well. Students sorted words, used QR codes to determine the correct plural spelling, and matched singular noun with its irregular plural form.
  • Finally, I introduced pronouns today. This is another important second grade skill that students are expected to master.
  • And....I so enjoyed Caldecott Medal reading response projects! I was blown away by the effort students put into them. THANK YOU for your support at home.

Have a great weekend!

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