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Welcome to Grade Two Project GATE!

Project GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) classes provide a differentiated, academically appropriate learning environment where high-ability children can maximize their potential in reading and mathematics. Project GATE curriculum includes reading and math instruction as well as gifted curriculum, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Global awareness
  • Work habits
  • Social and emotional skills

Please contact me for more information about second grade GATE reading and GATE math classes, as well as enrichment opportunities for kindergarten and first grade students.

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Friday News - September 19

GATE Math:

Here are the highlights of our week in GATE math...

  • Students completed unit two explorations, which focus on measurement of weight. They used a spring scale and pan balance to investigate weights of classroom objects. 
  • I reviewed strategies to solve subtraction problems, including count up, count back, and +9 and +8 shortcuts. We discovered that these strategies are useful for subtracting even very large numbers! I loved listening to the discussion and watching students extend the strategies in ways I could never have imagined. What a wonderful group of learners!
  • We returned to negative numbers! Students solved Kakooma puzzles and played temperature Bingo with negative numbers.
  • Everyone LOVED KenKen puzzles. Try them online. There's a link on my blog under GATE math, as well as a free iPad app. 
  • Finally, I introduced a new problem-solving strategy -- make a list, table, or chart to organize information.

Children were excited to learn about the Continental Math League competition. Our GATE math class will compete as a team in this national problem-solving competition. Problem solving is a major focus of our class, and we practice multiple times each week.

Have a great weekend!

GATE Reading:

And here are the highlights of our week in Project GATE reading class...

  • The second grade spelling program began this week. See the homework calendar I posted earlier this week. Remember, keep word cards at home for reference and study practice. There will be a mid-unit and end-of-unit test.
  • I covered the following Common Core State Standards...proper nouns, using images to aid understanding of text, and formal and informal language useage.
  • We dove deeper into our study of Caldecott Medal books. We listed criteria judges use to select the Caldecott Medal each year. I am reading aloud some of the potential winners of this year's medal, and we enjoy discussing how each meets the criteria. Students are already developing their own opinions about which book should win and why.

Have a great weekend! Remember RAH RAH logs are due on Monday. Don't forget to sign the log!

Spelling Begins for GATE Readers!

Good morning!

Today we begin our spelling curriculum and weekly spelling routine. Your child's assignment (words and homework page) will come home in his/her iPad binder today. The homework schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: New word sort sent home. Cut the words; say the words; sort the words into correct categories.
  • Tuesday: Say, sort, and write spelling words under the correct category on the weekly spelling homework page. Explain the common rule for each category.
  • Wednesday: Parent reads the words aloud, and child writes the words in the correct categories.
  • Thursday: Sort the words again; say the words aloud as they are sorted. During RAH RAH time, find more words that have the same sound/pattern. Add them to the categories on the weekly homework page. Highlight the new words!
  • Friday: Return your completed homework page to school. Keep your words at home for study practice for upcoming spelling tests.

There will be a spelling test with each unit -- a mid-unit test, as well as a final test. 

Please contact me with any questions. Thank you for your support at home!

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